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Songs, soundtracks, jingles and stings… once we know what style and mood you’re looking for, we can search the thousands of tracks in our sound libraries and use our extensive musical knowledge to give you a range of options, from royalty-free tracks to use as they are to tracks that provide starting points for new compositions and sound-alikes.

With our music researchers and composers, we’ll locate or create the perfect soundtrack for your project every time.

Listen to some examples of our music production on the Advertising and Corporate pages.

Another passion of ours, and something we have been doing for decades, is producing songs.

From nursery rhymes to pop sound-alikes to original songs written from scratch or based on royalty-free tracks, we’ve done it all and loved every moment of it.

The fun and enthusiasm seems to rub off… our clients love them too.

If you need a song or songs do drop us a mail or give us a call.

Listen to some of the sound-alikes and songs we’ve produced on the Education page.

The world is full of truly remarkable singers in all musical styles and it has been our job over the years to harness these talents and record them for your songs.

We direct and record singers directly in our studios or from locations in Europe, Asia and the USA via ISDN or Source Connect.

Bringing the gift of song to you is one of the high points of what we do.