Voice recording, sound design and song production for language courses for all ages and levels in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, plus English course writing and video production.

Language course audio production

Over our 25 years of specialisation in language course production we have produced thousands of hours of audio in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish for publishing companies in the UK, Europe, the USA, Asia and the Middle East.

Our reputation for excellence is based on our first-class voice talents, experienced voice directors, superb sound design, creative song production, great live interviews and sparkling audio quality, as well as a flexible recording system that can bring voice talents together from different locations for virtual sessions and let editors and authors follow sessions on site or remotely, by phone or digital connection.

In Networks, clients find a specialised partner and a personalised service, with a dedicated project manager that stays in close contact with the editorial team throughout the production process, from initial script to final audio master.

Key services

  • International voices - all ages & accents
  • Local & remote recording
  • Specialised audio producers
  • Sound effects libraries
  • Live interviews
  • Library music
  • Song production
  • Soundalikes and covers
  • Content consultancy
  • Client audio archive
  • Primary & junior school

    Young voice talents were here!

    Every year we audition young actors from 6 to 11 years old in drama schools across the UK to ensure that we bring bright, authentic young voices to English language primary school courses across Europe. These kids quickly develop their acting skills and microphone technique, and their enthusiasm and motivation is captured in the recordings.

  • Middle & high school

    Talkative teens tell all!

    Of course, teens are not always so talkative; at times they need a bit of coaxing, but working with this age group over the past 25 years has been an extremely rewarding experience for our producers, the language learners and the young actors themselves. Many go on to work in the theatre and as TV and movie actors.

  • European languages

    French, German, Italian and Spanish

    In parallel with the British kids, we work with schools and agencies in France, Germany, Italy and Spain to constantly renew our pool of budding young actors in these languages too, and every year we produce up to 100 hours of audio for European language course publishers.

  • Graded readers

    Let the story begin!

    We have been recording graded readers in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish for learners from primary to high school for the past 25 years. We are happy to have been part of many award-winning teams and to have brought hundreds of lively, beautifully read and acted stories to the homes of learners everywhere.

  • Adult, self-access & online courses

    English, French, German, Spanish and Italian

    We record audio for self-access language-learning materials and for courses designed for adult learners of all nationalities. Our regular voice talent auditions ensure we maintain a varied offer of ages and accents to our clients across the world.

  • Tests and exam practice

    All levels, all ages, all accents

    We regularly call on our excellent voice talents to record exam practice audio for all the Cambridge examinations, Trinity and the British Chamber of Commerce business exams. The wide range of our voice talent accents also makes us particularly suited to producing IELTS practice tests.

  • Literary anthologies

    From Beowulf to Beckett & beyond

    We are proud to work with many talented actors who bring a wealth of experience and skill to the literary anthologies we produce. Early texts and contemporary fiction, poetry serious and frivolous, scenes from comedies and tragedies, all are brought to life by accomplished performers and enhanced by impeccable audio production.

  • Talking dictionaries

    Oh my word!

    Working with voice talents from around the world allows us to produce speaking dictionaries in many languages. In recent years we have recorded headwords and example sentences in over 25 languages, delivering over half a million files of high quality audio to major British and European publishers.

  • Language Course Services

    A presentation from the archives

    Back in the days when we called our service audio4education, we produced this home-made presentation to summarise our audio production activities. Our dedication to producing quality audio for language learning materials was the same then as it is today.

Audio samples

Listen to some short extracts from our work below and check out our voice talents, singers, song production, interviews and sound design.

Here are some audio snippets from the last few years, taken from courses and readers in the five languages we produce.

  • English children for ELT

    A small sample of younger voices

  • English teens for ELT

    A few of our many teenage voice talents

  • English adults for ELT

    A selection of recent recordings

  • EFL exams – an Anglophone taster

    British, American & Australian actors

  • English readers for young learners

    A spaceship lands in a boy’s garden

  • English graded readers

    Multiple voices, music and sound design

  • Abridged, dramatized English novels

    Multiple voices, music and sound design

  • The Importance of Being Earnest

    Extracts from the abridged version

  • A Shakespearean taster

    Extracts from the Bard’s works

  • English literary anthologies

    Poems ancient and modern

  • French language courses

    Audio extracts with kids and adults

  • French readers for young learners

    A spaceship lands in a boy’s garden

  • German language courses

    Audio extracts with kids and adults

  • German readers for young learners

    A spaceship lands in a boy’s garden

  • Italian language courses

    Audio extracts with teens and adults

  • Italian graded readers

    Extracts from different levels

  • Spanish language courses

    Audio extracts with teens and adults

  • Spanish readers for young learners

    A spaceship lands in a boy’s garden

Below are some samples of soundalikes, original songs and re-arranged library music.

  • Soundalike singers and arrangements

    Well-known songs for language courses

  • Original songs and library music - 1

    Samples of singers and songs

  • Original songs and library music - 2

    More samples of singers and songs

  • Adding singers to your compositions

    Tracks where we supply singers & mix

We record interviews over the phone, in our studios or live on location. Below are some examples of these three situations.

  • Interview with a US fashion photographer

    Feisty Nancy Fina’s big break

  • Talking to a TV music journalist

    An exhilarating interview with Miles

  • Romance in the air

    An air hostess meets the man of her life

  • The Sounds of London

    Londoners & on-location recordings

When sound design can help tell a story, we love to do just that. Below are a few examples.

  • The Mystery of the Missing Voices

    A comic detective goes on a zany mission

  • Netwars, a Networks promo in Italian

    Starwars spoof with explosive effects

  • The Sounds of London

    8 episodes commissioned by La Repubblica

  • Dramatised English novels

    Adding zest to graded readers

Video production

In 2016 we produced our first language course video and since then have been working on projects non-stop, shooting in the UK and Italy. We consult on scripts, casting and locations, manage costumes and props, bring on our video-maker, boom operator, photographer and director and… action!

Key services

  • Actor casting & direction
  • Location scouting
  • Mobile film crew
  • Full production service
  • Video post-production & graphics
  • English language videos

    Great actors and real locations

    Casting from British drama schools, we recently produced a 20-scene language course video. Here are a few extracts from some of the scenes.