Beautifully crafted, crystal-clear audio - a pleasure to listen to in any medium.

We have a reputation for creating impeccable audio: voices, music and sound design, expertly recorded and mixed to perfection.

We care deeply about getting it just right, and have been honing our skills for over twenty years.

Which explains why our clients so often tell us that they use our audio services because they need a guarantee that the end product will be second to none.

If you appreciate wonderful audio that will sound great on the internet, on TV, in a conference hall or on a mobile, let us know your project details for a free consultation and estimate.

Pure sound craft

We use our extensive sound effect libraries plus ad hoc foley recordings plus a myriad of plug-ins to create tailor-made soundscapes for TV ads, animated films, audio books and anything that needs amazing sound design.

To let us show you how, just tell us what you need.

It’s incredible how the right mix can make your ad or film spring into life.

Sure, you can do a mix on a laptop with free software or in a video studio, but when it’s done by expert sound engineers whose minds, hands and ears have been fine-tuned over the years and who know how to get results that will make a dramatic impact on the listener, oh boy can you tell the difference.

If you’d like amazingly mixed or remixed audio for your video or audio product, send us an email outlining your needs.

If you need to send localised broadcast copies of your TV ad to other countries, we can provide you with the audio track that will meet the standards required.

Just let us know which countries you need to broadcast in and we will either set up the parameters ourselves or send it to our partners in your target countries. We can also deliver the final film straight to the TV channels that will broadcast your ad.

We’ve been doing it for years, specifically requested by agencies that localise their ads. It’s part of our A to Z service philosophy.

Our educational audio department has been producing audio for language courses since 1990. Unsurprisingly perhaps, we have become experts in the field.

We’re proud to have helped publishers produce award-winning language courses and to know that we contribute to language learning across the world. For us, it’s a vocation.

As creators of educational audio, we refined our craft almost thirty years ago when we produced two self-access courses in four languages – 96 weekly editions per course – that sold many hundreds of thousands of copies.

Since then we have produced many thousands of audio hours: five-year primary school courses, often with recurring characters, secondary school and adult courses, exam practice materials and guided readers in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

We have also recorded more than a million words for speaking dictionaries (all delivered in separate files) in over twenty languages, much of this commissioned by HarperCollins.

And on the more creative side, we specialise in sourcing and producing music for songs, both originals and cover versions.

We act as real partners to our publishing clients, consulting on voices, sound effects, music and time to market.

We ensure that the production process runs smoothly and on time, and delivers world-class results.

Listen to some of the language course audio we’ve produced on the Education page.