We localise TV, radio, print and web ads in any language you need. We transcreate copy, record with top international voice talents across the world, and produce distinctive advertising music.

International voice talents

Hundreds of top international voice talents, over twenty years of industry know-how, the latest link technologies and total dedication to quality: whatever voice and vocal mood you need, in whatever language, we can cast, record and deliver. Below is a small selection of the ads we have localised.

Key services

  • International voices
  • Copy transcreation
  • Remote recording
  • Voice casting
  • Voice direction
  • Audio post-production
  • Fee & rights negotiation
  • Carrera

    TV ad

    We localised this TV ad in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese and Russian. Our services included transcreation, voice casting, direction, recording and audio post-production.

  • Calzedonia

    TV ads since 2014

    Since 2014, we have cast and recorded the Calzedonia TV ads starring Julia Roberts in Catalan, Czech, French, German (3 versions - for Austria, Germany and Switzerland), Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian and Spanish.

  • San Pellegrino

    TV ad

    We cast and recorded San Pellegrino’s “Tastefully Italian” TV ad in American English, Catalan, Flemish, French and Spanish.

  • Mutti

    TV ads

    We localised this Mutti ad in 5 languages: Croatian, Finnish, French, German and Swedish.

  • Loacker

    TV ads

    Over the years we have transcreated, voiced, adapted the lyrics and sung many different ads for Loacker products, in Arabic, Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, English, German, Korean, Malay and Thai.

  • Natuzzi

    TV ad

    We transcreated and recorded the Re-Vive TV ad in Dutch, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

  • DiSaronno

    TV ad

    We have localised DiSaronno ads in 10 languages: Canadian English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • Illy

    TV ads

    We cast and voiced this dreamy Illy ad in Brazilian Portuguese, British English, French, German and Spanish.

  • Geox

    TV ad

    We cast and recorded 12 versions of the Geox ad, in Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English (3 versions, for the US, Canada and the UK), Flemish, French, Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • Intimissimi

    TV ad

    We cast and recorded this Intimissimi ad in Catalan, Czech, German (version for Austria), Hungarian, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • Lui Jo

    TV ad

    We cast and recorded the Lui Jo Gold ad in British English and Arabic.

  • Sprite

    Series of TV ads

    We transcreated this series of quirky scenes from everyday life, adapted the dialogues for lip sync and recorded them in link with 7 young UK voice talents.

Music production & Sound design

Our music research service has access to tens of thousands of library music tracks to select and share with clients, while our in-house music production & sound design team creates original and sound-alike tracks for ads and promos.

We are also proud to represent a group of composers, arrangers, musicians and sound designers based in New York. They produce and score for major advertising agencies and produce remixes and hits for international artists. Below are some samples of their work.

Key services

  • Music research
  • Music production
  • Sound design
  • Fee & rights negotiation
  • Answer the call

    TV ad

    The New York Police and Fire Widow’s Fund Appeal, featuring Harrison Ford: this haunting soundtrack combines electronic and acoustic instrumentation with powerful sound design to provide a moving accompaniment to a heartfelt message.

  • Ruby Tuesday

    TV ad

    Ruby Tuesday’s triple prime burger: a simple, positive motif that builds at just the right moment to support the narration and add zest to this friendly commercial. Check out the mini burger ad too!

  • NFL Youth Program

    TV ad

    The National Football League Youth Program: bursting with energy, this upbeat soundtrack conjures up an atmosphere of excitement, opportunity and fun.

  • Bank of America

    TV ad

    Bank of America, Japan Rising: a stylized, evocative theme was created here to accompany a simple message and elegant visual. Check out the Return on Relationship and SPX music tracks too!

  • iPod Nano

    “Gimme that” TV ad

    One from the archive, this beatbox piece performed by The Human Orchestra still sounds contemporary and is a perfect match for the pared-down, humorous commercial.

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