Project management

Constant support & seamless workflow coordination

We all know that handling a complex project – perhaps using purpose-built software, managing a group of consultants working remotely in different languages and keeping abreast of a myriad of deadlines – can be tough. But not with us.

Before we start any project, large or small, your project manager at Networks, your point of reference throughout, draws up and shares a time and action plan to cover all the phases, from pre-production to final delivery.

This detailed timetable keeps everyone up to date with their commitments, enables seamless workflow coordination and allows us to deliver your project on time, ready for rollout.

Finding your way through today’s jungle of actors’ and voice talents’ fees and broadcast rights at home and abroad can be challenging.

Allow us to do it for you: we’ve been doing it for decades, negotiating fees and rights with agents, actors and voice talents of all nationalities, from new voices on the block to celebrities.