International voice recording

Casting and recording the perfect voice for your project in any language, always.

Whatever language you need, and whatever voice age, accent and skill set, we can cast and record that voice for you, either locally in one of our five Milan studios or remotely in real time from hundreds of studios across the world.

We are in touch with thousands of top voice talents in over thirty languages, working from over fifty countries worldwide.

Their voice demos are on our in-house voice-casting database, searchable by language, gender, age and skills, ranging from authoritative narration to zany character voices and everything in between.

You tell us the kind of voices you need, and we send you a link to a targeted voice cast, branded with your logo if required, so you can forward the link to your clients as is, or download individual clips and send those.

Moreover, we can source sound-alikes or specific actors in most languages; just let us know your needs and will leverage our network of contacts with major voice agencies and commercial studios across the world.

It makes casting international voices extremely precise and remarkably simple, with voices to fit all budgets and requirements.

Plus we have twenty plus years’ experience of recording, directing, syncing and post-producing international voices for everything from major global TV campaigns to corporate training videos… so whatever you need, you can trust the experts.

Just send us a brief or give us a call and we will send you an estimate and a voice casting.

Let us find the right international voices for your project!

Listen to some examples of our international voices on the Advertising and Corporate pages.

At Networks, one of the main European hubs for international recordings is at your service.

Our five studios are all equipped with multiple ISDN codecs, Source Connect, Session Link Pro and ipDTL, to ensure that we can link with other commercial and home studios across the world quickly and easily and guarantee great audio quality. We also use the best audio equipment, to ensure that your voice recordings will always be absolutely top quality.

We’ve been doing it since the introduction of ISDN in the late 1980’s, and have added other link technologies as and when they become available.

We have used these technologies to record thousands of voice talents over the years, including popular TV shows and major international TV campaigns in countries across the world.

Wherever you are and wherever your ideal voice talent is, we can link you up and get the recording done with the same efficiency and quality as if they were in the studio with you.

We have directed voice talents in many languages for over twenty years. It’s a daily activity and we have gained a certain expertise.

We can direct voice talents from our studios during local and remote recording sessions, or appoint a foreign language voice director to attend the remote session, or simply help you by providing an on-the-spot translation of your direction, or of course let you do the directing.

It all depends on the project, the languages, and on what works best for you.

If you need to dub a TV show, corporate video, animation or movie into your language or another language, we can provide an experienced dubbing director to ensure the entire operation goes smoothly. It’s something we’ve been doing for decades.

Let us know your dubbing needs – we guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the result.