Creative translation, adaptation for lip sync and time sync, top stage and screen actors, masterful voice direction and post-production – we deliver whatever it takes to make your TV, cinema and videogame entertainment sizzle in any language.

Voice, text & video localisation

Whether we’re casting celebrity actors for foreign language versions of movies and negotiating fees with their agents or working with tens of voice talents in different countries for a multi-language videogame localization, our focus is always on providing localisation expertise, ensuring a smooth working process and producing excellent results.

Key services

  • International voices
  • Voice casting & direction
  • Script transcreation
  • Adaptation for lip sync
  • Dubbing direction
  • Remote recording
  • Audio synchronisation
  • Sound re-mixing
  • Music & sound design
  • Fee & rights negotiation
  • Cinema

    From the credible to the incredible

    We are privileged to work with many truly remarkable actors on foreign language versions of movies, biopics and animations. These professionals bring total focus, finely honed voice acting technique and wellsprings of creativity to our productions and do us, our clients and their audiences proud.

  • TV documentaries

    Cute, experimental or fly on the wall?

    From the funny to the furious to the outright fantastic, we provide the expert translations and experienced foreign language voice talents to make your documentaries spring into life for audiences everywhere.

  • Reality TV

    As real as the original!

    Project management and teamwork really come to the fore when we produce foreign language versions of entire TV series. The audio ‘production line’ is an invigorating place to be and demonstrates how crucial the skills of text adaptors, voice actors and sound engineers are to successful TV localisation.

  • Game shows

    Let the show go on!

    Recreating the tension and capturing the spontaneity of a game show in another language is something of an art. One that we’ve been fine-tuning with the help of our excellent voice talents and dialogue translators for over twenty years, to make sure that your show is as enthralling to a foreign audience as it is to yours.

  • TV sports programmes

    We’re right on track!

    Commentary, news, the thrill of live action: when you need to convey the spirit of the sport in another language, we’re here for you with our team of expert players, ready to leap into action at the sound of the starting gun. Ready, steady, go!

  • Video games

    Born to win!

    Getting perfect character voices and recreating authentic dialogues while guaranteeing seamless operations and on-time delivery is our constant mission in all videogame localisation commissions. Our track record? Mission accomplished!

  • Apps

    Audio on the go

    As audio is becoming an increasingly crucial element of apps, we’re working on some exciting multi-language projects with partners across the world that will open up new vistas and mobile experiences for an international audience.